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Plan Puebla Panama: Battle Over the Future (2nd ed.)

Includes history and information on Plan Puebla Panama, an industrial development plan extending throughout southern Mexico and Central America. Containing short articles from organizations in Central America and the United States outlining the social and environmental impacts of the plan as well as grassroots alternatives.

The Alarm: Directory and Updates from Radical Houston Groups

A compilation of Group Submissions. "This issue tries to focus on what kind of world we are trying to build. and what ideas, strategies, and tactics we offer in these movements for a better world. While group content submissions have a wild variety of content, they all reflect on and illustrate the kind of social movements, and the kind of world we are building. The issue also includes an interview with New Orleans activist Jordan Flaherty" (Zine Intro). Content includes: Minutemen Militia, Frances Newton, Hurricane Katrina.