Local Zines

Title Author Box Category Year
Words Without Walls Summer 2019 Edition Nicole Weatherbee , Jylene Smith, Melissa Minogue, Bobby Macintish, Macquel Weatherbee PRI Prison 2019
Super N.E.S. 9-bit JAM! #1 NSCAD School of Extended Studies Summer Youth Camp 2017 CMN Comics - Narrative 2017
Goop Girl No. 1 Charvel Rappos, Shea Osborn, Petra Seglinz CMA Comics - Art 2021
Proxima2 HRM Making Comics CMN Comics - Narrative 2019
What Happened to Higher Education? EDU Education and School 2022
Born Inside a Mountain Rebecca Fairless POE Poetry 2019
Merry & Bright: A Queer Christmas Survival Guide Annick MacAskill QUR Queer 2021
I Live Here. Megan Hulan PER Personal 2021
handwork Megan Hulan, Noah Ritcey POE Poetry 2021
The Very Real History Of Sliced Bread Shelby Edwards CMN Comics - Narrative 2021
Made the Cut Shelby Edwards QUR Queer 2021
Another Virus Oliver Oldfield QUR Queer 2021
Gender's A Performance & I've Got Stage Fright Oliver Oldfield TGN Trans 2021
Ladle At Home Loaded Ladle at Dalhousie CKZ Cookzines 2020
Graven Images Laura Shepherd HIS History 2019
Home Humanure: Building your own composting toilet Halifax Earth ENV Environment and Nature
The Worst of Times Volume 5 Issue 1 WRK Work, Jobs, and Labour 2021
Birthing an Ancient Practice: A Place for Midwifery in Nova Scotia Gianna Lauren HLW Health - Women's
The Prison-Industrial Complex and Campus Food The Loaded Ladle FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening
The Worst of Times Volume 5 Issue 2 WRK Work, Jobs, and Labour 2021
10 Years The Loaded Ladle Nico V FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening 2021
Dane & March Present the Guide to Everything Stupid Teaser Adam Tupper CMN Comics - Narrative 2002
how to buy a car Megan Hulan PER Personal 2020
Shindig Zine QUR Queer 2021
What We Eat CKZ Cookzines 2021