Local Zines

Title Author Box Category Year
City Mail: City Junk CIT Cities and Places 2011
dancing in the undertow Tony Brathwaite, David McConkey POE Poetry 2020
Pete Schwartz's Shocking Shorts No 1 Corey Mombourquette, Peter Lockerbie, Chris Lockerbie CMN Comics - Narrative 2019
Super N.E.S 9 Bit Jam #2 CMA Comics - Art 2018
The Gruesome Glossary Lara Lewis, Mark Foster WAC Writing and Art Compilations 2020
JUNIOR #2: Brilliant Adventures Thru the Multiverse Sylvia Mok CMN Comics - Narrative 2019
JUNIOR #1: The "First Day" Issue Sylvia Mok CMN Comics - Narrative 2019
Malcolm Mild #1 Sylvia Mok CMN Comics - Narrative 2020
When We First Came To The City Colleen MacIsaac MIN Mini-zines 2009
Three Very Small Comics (volume 3) Tom Gauld MIN Mini-zines 2007
The Boy Who Loved Flowers Colleen MacIsaac CMN Comics - Narrative 2010
The Best Quarantine in the World Amanda Stevens PER Personal 2020
The Motivist (Volume 2 Issue 1) Alan Barbour, Sarah Evans CIT Cities and Places 2011
Microdose (#1) Scott Marshall CMN Comics - Narrative 2019
Freelance as Fuck Emily Davidson, Kaley Kennedy, Go It Alone (Together) WRK Work, Jobs, and Labour 2013
How Do You Like Your Eggs? Scrambled Eggs Seven Ways Su Donovaro CKZ Cookzines 2020
Are You Real? SEX Sex 2020
I've Been Programming Elliott Davis POE Poetry 2020
Parade MIN Mini-zines 2020
Queer Rave Space AG BOD Body Politics 2020
Infinity Sofie Kreidstein QUR Queer 2020
How To Use A Stereogram Jem Woolidge CMA Comics - Art 2019
McNabs and Lawlor Island Provinical Park Friend of McNabs Island Society ENV Environment and Nature 2012
Jacking Off With God #4 Sorrel Daniel Corvid PER Personal
The Creepy Girrl WAC Writing and Art Compilations 2020