Local Zines

Title Author Box Category Year
Tracing Transness: Those Who Are Part of Me Rose Clancey TGN Trans
Trick or Treat: Best and Worst Halloween Costumes Rebecca Fairless, Annika Setterington, Erin Riehl, Jacqueline Lossing, Donica Larade, Carmen Cameron, Angela Chick, Rob Cameron, Nicola Nemy, Poppy Keogh, Nat Dow, Jules Wilson, J. Pringle, Sayam Maity, Amanda Stevens ZWZ Zine Workshop Zines 2023
YMCA YMCA Youth Outreach ZWZ Zine Workshop Zines 2007
Curiositer Kelly McElroy AMT About Art, Media, and Technology 2013
Free Food Free Food Groundhog Day Feast N/A FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening
Khyber Quarterly Issue VI George Grant, Dan Joyce, Kate Walchuk AMT About Art, Media, and Technology 2011
Ensuring Access to Choice: What Every Nova Scotian Woman Needs to Know! Pro-Choice Action Network, Emily Webber BOD Body Politics 2007
Words Without Walls Summer 2019 Edition Nicole Weatherbee , Jylene Smith, Melissa Minogue, Bobby Macintish, Macquel Weatherbee PRI Prison 2019
Super N.E.S. 9-bit JAM! #1 NSCAD School of Extended Studies Summer Youth Camp 2017 CMN Comics - Narrative 2017
Goop Girl No. 1 Charvel Rappos, Shea Osborn, Petra Seglinz CMA Comics - Art 2021
Proxima2 HRM Making Comics CMN Comics - Narrative 2019
What Happened to Higher Education? EDU Education and School 2022
Born Inside a Mountain Rebecca Fairless POE Poetry 2019
Merry & Bright: A Queer Christmas Survival Guide Annick MacAskill QUR Queer 2021
I Live Here. Megan Hulan PER Personal 2021
handwork Megan Hulan, Noah Ritcey POE Poetry 2021
The Very Real History Of Sliced Bread Shelby Edwards CMN Comics - Narrative 2021
Made the Cut Shelby Edwards QUR Queer 2021
Another Virus Oliver Oldfield QUR Queer 2021
Gender's A Performance & I've Got Stage Fright Oliver Oldfield TGN Trans 2021
Ladle At Home Loaded Ladle at Dalhousie CKZ Cookzines 2020
Graven Images Laura Shepherd HIS History 2019
Home Humanure: Building your own composting toilet Halifax Earth ENV Environment and Nature
The Worst of Times Volume 5 Issue 1 WRK Work, Jobs, and Labour 2021
Birthing an Ancient Practice: A Place for Midwifery in Nova Scotia Gianna Lauren HLW Health - Women's