Residency Program

Residency Program

The Anchor Archive Zine Library ran a super special residency program from 2006 to 2017. We invited zinemakers, screen-printers, performers, writers, musicians, and/or artists-of-all-sorts to Halifax to use our space and resources, make projects, offer workshops, and share their work with the community. 

The residency was originally called the Roberts Street Residency when the Anchor Archive was located on Roberts Street and residents stayed in the shed out back. When we moved off of Roberts Street we changed the name to the Radstorm Residency and worked in collaboration with Ink Storm Screenprinting Collective and Sad Rad Music Collective. In 2016, we partnered with the Deanery Project in Ship Harbour, NS which had its own budding residency program.

The residency program ran each year from May until October. Residencies were two to four weeks long, and residents were provided with space, equipment, coordination support, and accommodations. We encouraged projects that related to the mandate of the Anchor Archive, Ink Storm & Sad Rad, in any medium or format. Many projects involved zines and screen-printing. To see a list of residents and zines they made, check out the links below.

We would like to thank ARTS NOVA SCOTIA for their generous funding of this program!

The residency program is currently on hold but we hope to revive it one day.