Halifax Zine Fair

Halifax Zine Fair

People looking at zines at the zine fair The Anchor Archive Zine Library has been hosting a zine fair in Halifax since 1999.  The Zine Fair brings zine-makers, zine distros, bookstores, small press publishers, comic artists, print-makers, authors, and musicians from all over the Maritimes and beyond to sell and trade their creations. 

Our last zine fair was in 2019 at Halifax North Memorial Public Library, and then was put on hold due to the pandemic. We hope to host the Zine Fair again soon. Like us on Facebook to hear more news and updates!

Past Zine Fair artists:

Alannah J
AM Does Art
Amanda Stevens
Annie Jefferson
Beehive Design Collective
Born on a Tuesday/Avalon Moore
Bronwyn Mundell
Bruce Barber's NSCAD Printed Matter Class
Cat Jones
Cobes McGee
Conundrum Press
Cos Atlantic
Elyse Moir
Emma Allain
ENBY Magazine
Emily Redmond
Eraserheader Design
Eric Diolola
Flavia Nasrin Testa
Femme Crimes Distro
Flyknife Comics/Bruce Delo
Hannah Genosko
Homos in Herstory
Im-Prints of Love
j e i g h k .
Jess Mess/ Almost Comics
Jimmy Two Knives
Justice Colwell
Kenton Braun
Laurel Rennie
Leif Tobias Gifford
Lindsay Cahill
Liz Mac Illustration
M. Mohamed
NSCAD Printed Matter
Oakheart Studio
Sarah Foote
Scott Marshall
Snark Dofu
Starchild Stella
Taylor Made Embroidery
Thelonious Crocker
Venus Envy - Halifax
Words to Fire Press
Zachary Gough
ZAV / Rachel Zavarella

Zine Fair Residency

In 2017, we hosted M.Mohamed as our zine fair resident! Drawing from black feminist thought and queer studies, M. Mohamed uses visual art and writing to examine social and collective memories of colonialism, racial formation, and its varied entanglements with queerness. During the 2 weeks leading up to the zine fair, she created a physical/hard-copy edition of her online zine "black girl on the internet," looking at the internet as a utopian alternative to the "irl" precariousness faced by black queer folks. Presented as a combination of screenshots, collage and text, the zine archives desire and affect in the digital realm. Among other digital artifacts, the zine touches on: angsty iMessage screenshots, the politics of natural hair tutorials on YouTube, and queer encounters on dating apps.

Questions or suggestions or want to help organize the fair?  Contact Amanda and Melissa at zineexplosion@gmail.com