Indigenous rights

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Voices: Indigenous Women on the Front Lines Speak Volume 8

Volume 8 of 9 in a series "Voices: Indigenous Women on the Front Lines", in which Indigenous Women and 2Spirit land defenders from the west of so-called canada speak in-depth about their experiences protecting their lands. Volume 8 features an interview with Unist’ot’en Hereditary Chief, Elder and Teacher Lht’at’en, also known as Doris Rosso. Includes a pamphlet of a map of Indigenous Territories written about in "Voices".

Plan Puebla Panama: Battle Over the Future (2nd ed.)

Includes history and information on Plan Puebla Panama, an industrial development plan extending throughout southern Mexico and Central America. Containing short articles from organizations in Central America and the United States outlining the social and environmental impacts of the plan as well as grassroots alternatives.