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Social War on Stolen Native Land

The title is written in black sans-serif text on a white background that says "Social War On Stolen Native Land", accompanied by a colour photograph of two individuals dressed in all black burning a Canadian flag at an indigenous gathering. Below, in black
A half-page colour zine detailing the perspectives, struggles, triumphs, and stories of various groups of anarchists, indigenous people of Turtle Island (specifically the occupied lands classed as "Canada") and how their struggles are interconnected. These stories come from all over "Canada", with a particular focus on articles from the west coast, and "Quebec". The zine, though compiled and released in 2016, is comprised of various blog posts and editorials from as far back as 2003, compiling over a decade and a half of indigenous stories, anarchist stories, their mutual struggles, and constructively addressing fundamental differences in their mindsets towards societal structuring, reconciliation and land back movements.