gender roles

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Neither doll houses nor tree houses: On living outside of the gender binary

This zine focuses on the ups and downs of the author finding their self outside of the gender binary. This 3-part zine deals with various facets of gender/variant trans* identity and attempts to both de- and re-construct questions about the author's own gender and gender in general. This zine was written from personal experience for the chicago zine fest.

Ask Me About My Tubal Ligation

"I wrote this zine for a lot of reasons. One is to demystify the procedure for other female-born people who don't ever want to get pregnant...Another reason is to challenge a lot of the assumptions about what it means to be a woman and/or female in this particular historical moment...Yet another reason is to document my motives for seeking sterilization."

Little Pink Houses: Women in Suburbia from Donna Reed to Desperate Housewives

"In this zine I am arguing that the suburbs are constructed in the media as a feminine space that creates a certain kind of femininity, primarily the dutiful housewife. Also the suburbs is constructed in the media as a space that emasculates men, and men found ways to be masculine the the suburbs, primarily through the fatherhood role and masculine activities such as barbequing."
--from the Introduction