gender roles

Ask Me About My Tubal Ligation

"I wrote this zine for a lot of reasons. One is to demystify the procedure for other female-born people who don't ever want to get pregnant...Another reason is to challenge a lot of the assumptions about what it means to be a woman and/or female in this particular historical moment...Yet another reason is to document my motives for seeking sterilization."

Little Pink Houses: Women in Suburbia from Donna Reed to Desperate Housewives

"In this zine I am arguing that the suburbs are constructed in the media as a feminine space that creates a certain kind of femininity, primarily the dutiful housewife. Also the suburbs is constructed in the media as a space that emasculates men, and men found ways to be masculine the the suburbs, primarily through the fatherhood role and masculine activities such as barbequing."
--from the Introduction