Yarnchix No. 6 Magic Three

"Dear Reader,

Welcome to the No6 issue pages of the yarnchix zine. I am very excited to finally print the summr zine with plenty of ideas, thoughts, practice, projects, story, photos, many words. As always this would not be complete without the crew of chickens illustrated by Caro and plenty of mistakes fixed and juggling of pages. There is a lot of my writing this time, summer and hope... joined by my words in an interview and just daisy a special hen who was dreamt up and written up by Abbey, my friend from Wollwind. I hope you enjoy the collection of thought, imaginations, ideas and writing for yarny chicks with more then knitting on their minds. "

Streeteaters #29

The Handbook for Creative Supports.
"We publish all spectrums of poetry, prose, illustration and photography, and have been for almost four years now!"
"The handbook is...essentially i want it to serve for other people like what that article did for me that night: diverted feelings of empti/worthlessness by offering me material which could insigate a dialogue..."