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Title Author Box Category Subject Terms
Fascism Antifascism Jean Barrot ANR Anarchism anarchism, Spanish Civil War, history, Stalinism, Europe, Italy, communism, fascism, anti-fascism
"Anarchism" Howard Zinn ANR Anarchism the art of revolution
"I Know A Motherfucker Like You And She Said..." #2 Clemintine Cannibal, Adrian Fynch, Casey Jean FEM Feminism sex, poetry, love, language, feminism, domestic violence, police, family, BDSM, sexual assault, sexuality, Ultimate Fighting Championships
"I know what it's like" Ursula K. Le Guin, Steve MacIsaac, Gengorah Tagame QUR Queer queer, privilege, trans, cisgender
"Preguntando Caminamos" [or, "walking, we ask questions"] IND Indigenous
&123 cutt aaand pastte Luis Mora ART Art Books and Zines art, collage
'Zine: How I Spent Six Years of my Life in the Underground and Finally... Found Myself... I think Pagan Kennedy ZIN Zines about Zines zine-making, personal stories, publishing
(3) Wild Seaweeds of the North Atlantic Jesse S. Orr FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening recipes, local food, cooking, Roberts Street Residency, seaweed
(325) An Insurgent Magazine of Social War & Anarchy ANR Anarchism
(325) An Insurgent Magazine of Social War & Anarchy #5 325 Collective, Brad Will, Giorgos Voutsis-Vogiatzis PRI Prison prison abolition, prison activism, prison resistance, prisons, political prisoners, Canadian prisons
(butterflies) ART Art Books and Zines art, photography, photos
(I Don't Know why) I'm Afraid of Women Dan Gallant CMN Comics - Narrative relationships, journal comics
(In)Secure: A Zine about Codependency HLM Health - Mental codependency
(W)hereabouts v.3 i.1: Render Bryanna Andressen, Jenanne Ferguson, Kesia Andressen FIC Fiction and True Stories poetry, language, writing, music, public transit
*Chasing Dreams* S. Sayre POE Poetry
-squiggle- CMA Comics - Art drawings, super heroes, Batman, Superman
...They Will Never Get Us All ! Harold Thompson ANR Anarchism poetry, anarchism, writing
03/96 Daria Gamliel, Gabrielle Giattino, Heather MacEachern ART Art Books and Zines photography, collaboration
07/97 Julie Doiron Claytor, Heather MacEachern, Sarah Evans, Therese Starck ART Art Books and Zines photography, collaboration
10 Dirty Little Secrets Pandora's Box PER Personal shoplifting, abortion, self-harm, eating disorders, secrets, individuality
10 Things I Hate About My Sister Elena Bonetto MIN Mini-zines kids, siblings
10 Words I Wish You Wouldn't Say Kaley ACT Activism language, anti-oppression
10 Words That I Wish You Wouldn't Say Kaley Kennedy EDU Education and School language, homophobia, sexism
10/96 Sarah Evans, Daria Gamliel, Brany Leif, Heather MacEachern ART Art Books and Zines photography
100 Things I Like... Kitture PER Personal lists
12 Items or Less A.J. Michel, Low Hug Productions FOO Food, Farming, and Gardening food, grocery stores, stories, shopping
15 Liane Morrissette, Cyclotron Pubications ART Art Books and Zines photos, comedy
2 Fucked 2 Furious: Still Sexually Dysfunctional in Sex-positive Queer Scenes Anna, Hannah, Kirsty SEX Sex asexuality, queer, sex, gender, relationships, patriarchy
2 Way Freak Robin SEX Sex personal stories, sex work, body image, phone sex, social class
20 Days Nix ART Art Books and Zines art, drawings, paintings