QUR Queer

Zines about gay, lesbian, bisexual, and queer issues, identities, politics, and experiences. Zines about trans issues, identities, and experiences should be filed under TGN Trans. Zines that analyze gender from a feminist perspective should be filed in FEM Feminism. Zines that are queer but are mainly about sex should be categorized in SEX Sex. Zines that are queer but are mainly about health should be categorized in one of the Health categories.

[Creating Space for Queer]

In the summer of 2018, the four of us got together at South House four times to have conversations about meanings of queerness, queer identity and community, and queer experiences. Each time we talked for about an hour, and then spent about an hour (and sometimes longer) sharing the space together and making art. We decided to make a zine as a keepsake and a record of the time we spent together, with bits and pieces of the art that came out of the conversations that we had, and quotes from the recordings of the conversations.