Transitions/Be Fearless

"Welcome to transitions; m name is Fatima Shayla Pearl, I am an African American Transwoman doing time in prison like many other transwomen nationwide and possibly world wide. However, like most people there is far more to me than my being a transwoman. I'm a college graduate, and have also had the opportunity to travel both at home and abroad."

Hoax #6: Feminisms and Communication

"Hoax is intended to question how you feel about feminism in relation to different aspects of day-to-day life. In this sixth issue, we want to talk about communication. We aim to explore these questions, and others: How are knowledge / power transmitted through tone / words / body language? What makes us feel visible and what makes us feel silenced or erased? How do we understand ourselves and how do others read us? What messages do we convey about our selves and our identities, both knowingly and unknowingly? How do we move forward after breakdowns in communication?"