POE Poetry

Zines that mainly consist of poetry.

He Said, She said, and a Dog Barked: A Collection of (Drunk) Poetry

"The poems in this zine are from a really shitty, dark time in my life. Most of them deal with depression, alcoholism, self-destruction and drug addiction. I was hesitant whether or not I should share these poems with people because of their overwhelming pesimism, However It's been hard for me to move onto new projects while leaving this unfinished. So here it is. The drunken ramblings of a scared little kid. Try not to take this too seriously I guess. It's who I was, not who I am."

Missing Women

"This poem is dedicated to the women who have gone missing from history and from their own lives."
"I began writing this poem is 2011 and I suspect I have not yet finished. It has been revised several times, most importantly to include the addition of the back half of the poem, where a handful of women and girls in Canada who died by suicide or murder are named. There are so many more whose names and stories we do not know."