settler colonialism

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Settler colonialism is a type of colonialism that attempts to eliminate indigenous people and replace them with a settler society.

Atrocities Against Indigenous Canadians for dummies #3: The Sixties Scoop

Black & white illustrations of feathers with handwritten text saying "Introducing... Atrocities Against Indigenous Canadians for DUmmies Issue 3: The Sixties Scoop, Created by Jenna Rose Sands"
Coming in at number three is a zine about another atrocity that many consider to be ongoing, The Sixties Scoop. I find that a few more people around me know about this atrocity more than the others discussed because the media has been talking a bit about it. The conversation seems to centre around Indigenous folks getting compensated for what occurred and where there is news that Indigenous people will receive compensation for some awful thing the government did, the trolls will be out saying "how bad can it be?" or the classic "THAT WAS SO LONG AGO HOW CAN IT EVEN MATTER?!"