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Road & Corner Quarterly #2.1

Stories of the creator's time in Mexico interspersed with history, politics, and discussions of current events in the area.

Ever Dim on the Horizon: Trying to Understand Mexico's Festering Twilight of Injustice
Giving Thanks: Back Road
As Demanded by Tradition: Cultural Intercourse
Between Solidarity and Pathology: Sifting the Rhetoric of #19S, Corner Gossip
Mountains High, Oceans Deep
To Where One Can Turn

A Draft for Asinabka

A narrative mirror of appropriation and erasure reveals the rhetoric of legal and public discourse around Windmill’s corporate ZIBI development on unceded Algonquin land. A vision of a nation sold – rivers dammed, water privatised, the sacred disremembered, the rich honoured. A project of documentary and archival reconstruction, A Draft for Asinabka references experimental poetics, where fragmentation tells a history on the precipice of past and present.