The Witch's Child

Cover of The Witch's Child
A story about the fall of the Roman Empire. "The Witch’s Child urges us to celebrate the return of Spring. It is about the importance of May Day and what we have to gain by rooting ourselves in the rhythm of the seasons. After a long Winter of darkness and stillness, we’ve been feeling the resurgence of growth and we rise up too, to remember the importance of re-emerging after the cold, inward months." (from https://knowingtheland.com/2012/04/09/in-celebration-of-may-day-the-witchs-child/)

The Utopian Territory of Sub-Scotia

"In the stream of Halifax Harbour lies George's Island. With its lone lighthouse, lonelier looking house and thin grass, this tuft of earth— a glacial drumlin, in fact—we call George's Island has captured the imagination of many. Maybe you've stood on the waterfront thinking, "I'd love to just paddle over there." Artists John Matthews and Dennis Hale did just that last summer. Actually, August 7 marks the one-year anniversary of the founding of the Utopian Territory of Sub-Scotia. The explorers Matthews and Hale rowed over to the island on a raft made partly from reclaimed wood from a public art project by sculptor Warren Humeniuk." (from The Coast) "This pamphlet is provided as an aid for making a self-guided walking tour of the utopia and offers an insight into the original Sub-Scotia psychogeographic victory tour." Made during a Roberts Street residency.

Beasts of Burden

"This is a text which, we hope, faces in two directions. On the one hand we hope that it will be read by people interested in animal liberation who want to consider why animal exploitation exists, as well as how. On the other hand, by those who define themselves as anarchists or communists who either dismiss animal liberation altogether or personally sympathise with it but don't see how it relates to their broader political stance.

While there have always been groups and individuals with feet in both camps, for the most part discussion between those involved in animal liberation and communists has been at a derisory level. 'Debate,' in so far as it exists, consists mainly of abuse and rarely moves beyond the level of comments like 'wasn't Hitler a vegetarian (actually not - he injected 'bulls blood' into his testicles, and does this mean you can't be a communist and a house painter or an Austrian?).

We hope to prompt the beginnings of a real debate about the relationship between the 'animal question' and the 'social question'. This text does not claim to have all the answers or to be the 'communist manifesto' for animals, but we think it does pose some of the key questions. Over to you..."

Hoax #8: Feminisms and Mythologies

Compilation of pieces:
Trans* identity mirrored in the myth of the Minotaur and concepts of monstrosity;
Mythmaking of gender and queerness in one’s personal relationships;
The importance of active listening in community organizing;
Consent, yoga, and authentic embodiment;
Questioning the werewolf myth as it pertains to queer and female embodiments;
Coping with the death of family members and living/being “alone”;
The myth of Ed Gein and the transgender killer;
A woman of color’s guide to white men;
Trans women’s alienation within queer theory and means of articulating their own experiences;
Being an archivist and the intricacies of creating history;
Czech foundation myths and concepts of gender;
Interview with a retired New Jersey Sexual Violent Predator Facility Administrator;
Appalachian women’s narratives and experiences in activism opposing mountaintop removal;
Exploring one’s abusive past through the story of Persephone;
Connecting the myth of the Big Bad Wolf to abusive men in the author’s childhood life;
Debunking myths surrounding being an out trans woman and EMT striving to build queer community;
Queer cultural amnesia of the AIDS epidemic and a call to refocus queer activism;
Investigating the differences between blood-related family and chosen queer family;
Reflecting on Roland Barthe’s Mythologies and one’s personal quest as a feminist trans woman