medical system

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Telegram Ma'am #20

"I wrote this zine on a dare. I applied for a zine residency at the Roberts St Social Centre back in the winter. I figured if I was accepted, I have to make the zine, and if I wasn't, then I had some time to think about it and/or back out."
"I've been nervous about writing this zine. I don't often talk about being on disability, but it's been coming up more and more often lately... Taking care of my mental health is a full-time job."

Lickety Split #8: The Work Issue

"Lickety Split is a pansexual smut zine dedicated to ecnouraging sex-positive expression and thought. The zine promotes collaborative art making and encourages diverse contributions to climb into bed with one another, because one sexual expression does not satisfy. Lickety Split wants to help make the masses cum with smutty photography and art, essays and stories in order to fulfill the whole human being and address the complexity of sex."

Ask Me About My Tubal Ligation

"I wrote this zine for a lot of reasons. One is to demystify the procedure for other female-born people who don't ever want to get pregnant...Another reason is to challenge a lot of the assumptions about what it means to be a woman and/or female in this particular historical moment...Yet another reason is to document my motives for seeking sterilization."