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The end of life. An organisms biological functions cease entirely.


Black and yellow duotone cover, three figures hold up rating cards reading 5, 7, and 4 from left to right.
"This project began as a fanzine, which was advertised on the popular internet site: Gumtree. It requested the submission of work from artists in relation to the subject of death and the undeniable reality of mortality. The aim was to create a critique on the modern rise of self importance, focus upon monetary wealth and the fascination with celebrity. Devised as a protest, as an invitation of solidarity against the banal, it managed to attract the opposite. This book is a collection of responses to the advert, it documents both the saturation caused by (and the benefits of) networking."

The Worst Issue 1 (a compilation on grief and loss)

" The title "The Worst" is a play on colloquial medical definitions of health and life-status-- the worst case scenario, the worst diagnosis, the worst outcome. And yet this stigma should not carry over into our grief processes: our experiences with grief and loss should not become the worst topic of conversation, or the worst emotional need to fulfill. Its my hope that by exposing this terrible narrative--naming our worsts-- we can realize our capacity to begin a fearless dialogue; to overcome the emotional paralysis surrounding loss to bring more fluidity to our communities."