The Witch's Child

Cover of The Witch's Child
A story about the fall of the Roman Empire. "The Witch’s Child urges us to celebrate the return of Spring. It is about the importance of May Day and what we have to gain by rooting ourselves in the rhythm of the seasons. After a long Winter of darkness and stillness, we’ve been feeling the resurgence of growth and we rise up too, to remember the importance of re-emerging after the cold, inward months." (from

Storied Stitches #7

Cover for Storied Stitches #7
"Knitting has the capacity to be accessible, creative, and independent; together we are creating new literature that highlights exactly that. Storied Stitches is a people-powered, noncommercial, DIY publication where we celebrate our creations. This zine is about us, the people who knit, united through our self-expressions and our creativity." [Storied Stitches Manifesto, Storied Stitches #1]

24 Hour Zine Challenge!

24 Hour Zine Challenge poster

Drop in zine challenge 24 hrs long!!! Come by the Zine Library any time between 5 pm Saturday and 5 pm Sunday and make a zine.
Photocopier, typewriters, supplies, snax provided.
BBQ, gluten free cake & pancakes in the morning, wowzers!
Have you had an idea for a zine brewing for a while?
Make copies of your zine near the end to trade with everyone else.