Remembering Soweto 1976

A Manila Brown half-page zine with a Shuka blanket background with a black square on top of the background in the centre. In the black square it says the title, the author and editor, and a outline map of the African Continent.
The hallmarks of the author's poetry can be found in this volume also. An awareness of suffering and injustice, a concern for human rights, a sensitive evocation of place and circumstance, a remmberance of fallen comrades, a celebration of resistance and fortitude, and a stubborn love of mankind.

The Colouring Book

Crinkled up brown paper adorns the majority of the front page, along with drawn, partially dissected body. The white space surrounding the body is filled with words
The Colouring book is a project made by a Vancouver based youth-driven project where people of colour came together to build community, reflect, express, and explore issues of race and experiences that have shaped who we are through discussion, writing and other arts.