Broken Pencil #14: After the Riot: Indie Grrrls and the New Creativity

I Feel Funny Mommy: Shary Boyle on the Art of Shame (and Fame)
Dear E-Diary: Public Confessions and Private Doubts
Why Bother? Zine Girls Talk About the Long Road Away from Home
plus: Mark Kingwell Week, Canada Post Casual, Sick Punks
new fiction by: Heather O'Neill, Golda Fried, and Catherine Kidd
All-Girl Zine Roundup!

Broken Pencil #10: While the Media Eats Us Screaming

Special anniversary 100 page issue!!
Wacky, Weird and Probably Dangerous: The Media Monopoly Reports On Zine Culture by Hal Niedzviecki
Rock Writing on the Pop Treadmill by Jean Smith
The Message in the Medium: CityTV reporter Wilson Lee on tv news and his zine Minute Thirty
Giant Cross0Country Indie Media Round-Up
Punk Rocker Stalks Killer Hippie for A&E
Brave New Waves Turns 15
Adbusters Busts CNN
The Goatee as Fashion Atrocity
Hundreds of Zine Reviews

Broken Pencil #20: Elders of the Margins

Celebrating the Pioneers of Indie Culture:
Michael Turner on Maxine Gadd
Fiona Smyth on John Scott
Sally McKay on Ursula Franklin
Germaine Koh on Kate Craig
Bob Wiseman on Mendelson Joe
Zev Asher on The Nihilist Spasm Band
Vern Smith on The Flesh Columns
Ian Ferrier on Ian Stephens

Grown Rings: Elders on the British Columbia Islands
Fubar and Valhalla! It's the Return of Thor!
P-Orridge Re-release: Classic of Legal Hijinx and Bum Bum Postcards

Special 20th Issue Anniversary Edition