Broken Pencil #14: After the Riot: Indie Grrrls and the New Creativity

I Feel Funny Mommy: Shary Boyle on the Art of Shame (and Fame)
Dear E-Diary: Public Confessions and Private Doubts
Why Bother? Zine Girls Talk About the Long Road Away from Home
plus: Mark Kingwell Week, Canada Post Casual, Sick Punks
new fiction by: Heather O'Neill, Golda Fried, and Catherine Kidd
All-Girl Zine Roundup!

Broken Pencil #10: While the Media Eats Us Screaming

Special anniversary 100 page issue!!
Wacky, Weird and Probably Dangerous: The Media Monopoly Reports On Zine Culture by Hal Niedzviecki
Rock Writing on the Pop Treadmill by Jean Smith
The Message in the Medium: CityTV reporter Wilson Lee on tv news and his zine Minute Thirty
Giant Cross0Country Indie Media Round-Up
Punk Rocker Stalks Killer Hippie for A&E
Brave New Waves Turns 15
Adbusters Busts CNN
The Goatee as Fashion Atrocity
Hundreds of Zine Reviews