sexual assault survivors

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Femme Filth #4: The Healing Issue

Off-white background with a repeating pattern of small rainbows, clouds, and stars with black text saying "Femme Filth #4 The Healing Issue Karina Killjoy"
femme filth #4: the healing issue is a 20-page, full-color, print zine about radical vulnerability, femme magic, healing, mental health, and survivor solidarity from the perspective of a perspective of a sick & disabled, queer femme, survivor.

Hoax #3

"Hoax is intended to question how you feel about feminism in relation to different aspects of day-to-day life. In this third issue, we will be exploring the topic of health. We will be attempting to ask questions and raise concerns about how science and technology influence our daily lives. We will be investigating the differences between sex and gender, food and nutrition, the meaning of illness (both physical and mental), our relationship to our bodies, as well as a variety of other topics."