Thou Shalt Not Talk about the White Boys' Club: Challenging the Unwritten Rules of Punk (2nd edition)

This zine critiques the shortcomings of white male dominated music scenes and how punk and related subcultures can be more accessible for marginalized folks.

Content warning: This zine discusses racism, white supremacy, trans/misogyny, sexual and physical assault, and mental illness.

Neither doll houses nor tree houses: On living outside of the gender binary

This zine focuses on the ups and downs of the author finding their self outside of the gender binary. This 3-part zine deals with various facets of gender/variant trans* identity and attempts to both de- and re-construct questions about the author's own gender and gender in general. This zine was written from personal experience for the chicago zine fest.

Guess what! We've got rights?! (Building strength in relation to the police)

This pamphlet is produced by the COBP collective (French acronym for Citizens Opposed to Police Brutality). It offers advice when confronting abusive police power. It informs of rights and proposes ways of building a positions of strength in relation to the police. It applies to the Montreal Urban Community POlice Service (MUCPS).