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Hoax #8: Feminisms and Mythologies

Compilation of pieces:
Trans* identity mirrored in the myth of the Minotaur and concepts of monstrosity;
Mythmaking of gender and queerness in one’s personal relationships;
The importance of active listening in community organizing;
Consent, yoga, and authentic embodiment;
Questioning the werewolf myth as it pertains to queer and female embodiments;
Coping with the death of family members and living/being “alone”;
The myth of Ed Gein and the transgender killer;
A woman of color’s guide to white men;
Trans women’s alienation within queer theory and means of articulating their own experiences;
Being an archivist and the intricacies of creating history;
Czech foundation myths and concepts of gender;
Interview with a retired New Jersey Sexual Violent Predator Facility Administrator;
Appalachian women’s narratives and experiences in activism opposing mountaintop removal;
Exploring one’s abusive past through the story of Persephone;
Connecting the myth of the Big Bad Wolf to abusive men in the author’s childhood life;
Debunking myths surrounding being an out trans woman and EMT striving to build queer community;
Queer cultural amnesia of the AIDS epidemic and a call to refocus queer activism;
Investigating the differences between blood-related family and chosen queer family;
Reflecting on Roland Barthe’s Mythologies and one’s personal quest as a feminist trans woman

Hoax #6: Feminisms and Communication

"Hoax is intended to question how you feel about feminism in relation to different aspects of day-to-day life. In this sixth issue, we want to talk about communication. We aim to explore these questions, and others: How are knowledge / power transmitted through tone / words / body language? What makes us feel visible and what makes us feel silenced or erased? How do we understand ourselves and how do others read us? What messages do we convey about our selves and our identities, both knowingly and unknowingly? How do we move forward after breakdowns in communication?" The zine includes a discussion of Slutwalk.