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Breaking Free of Gender Through Friendship and Attack

Black, white, and red artwork depicting women partaking in acts of anarchistic, anti-patriarchal violence and resistance, set against the backdrop of a burning village. The front and back covers contain the same artwork. The front cover, pictured, has the title, "Breaking Free of Gender Through Friendship and Attack" imposed over the artwork in pink lettering, while the back, not pictured, contains a short synposis of the contents of the zine.
A 2 page zine containing an english translation of a French blog post from on October 31st, 2017, talking about the need to destroy gender as a construct, with a focus on the oppressive nature of traditional gender roles not only in French society, but around the world.

The Ethical Prude: Imagining an Authentic Sex-Negative Feminism

About sexuality as compulsory and reclaiming sex negativity as feminist. "We will describe sex-negativity as a worldview or mode of analysis, not a belief system or a system of morals. The goal is not to determine that ‘sex is bad’ – though the analysis does not preclude this conclusion – but to use this way of thinking to better understand sex and sexuality under patriarchy."