riot grrrl

riot grrl

Broken Pencil #14: After the Riot: Indie Grrrls and the New Creativity

I Feel Funny Mommy: Shary Boyle on the Art of Shame (and Fame)
Dear E-Diary: Public Confessions and Private Doubts
Why Bother? Zine Girls Talk About the Long Road Away from Home
plus: Mark Kingwell Week, Canada Post Casual, Sick Punks
new fiction by: Heather O'Neill, Golda Fried, and Catherine Kidd
All-Girl Zine Roundup!

Make Your Own History: Documenting Feminist and Queer Activism in the 21st Century

"Addresses the practical and theoretical challenges and advantages of researching, documenting, and archiving recent and contemporary activists in the feminist and queer movements. Activists, archivists, librarians, and scholars address the following issues and topics: the practical material challenges of documenting and archiving contemporary activism; theoretical perspectives and conversations; online communities and communications; 'third wave' feminism/youth and queer cultures/subcultures; the move from paper to digital archives and documents; zines; and the work of activists who employ creative/artistic/cultural approaches to work for social justice."