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The Progressive Thinker #1

"We've now lived in the current world system (or variations on it) for quite some time. The system is run by the wealthy elite and relieve heavily on outdate religious beliefs and is based on financial wealth. With the same system now firmly in place for as long as this one has been, we can analyze it and see that the combination of monetary and religious influence results in a corrupt system where the population are kept working as slaves to corrupt governments and political powers. This is very much the same system that has dominated our planet now for centuries. However, an important thread has managed to survive through the decades: the power of written word.

La Vida Secreta de los Gabachos (The Secret Life of White People)

The title in Spanish is across the top, and in English along the bottom.  Black and white collage of a tire on the left and telephone pole and wires on the right.
"Just in case you were curious, these stories and rambles were banged out in the midst of working on a completely different writing project about guys from Mexico and Central America who sneak over the US border and ride around the freight train lines looking for work. My plan was to write exciting travel stories that would educate people about the global economy and give voice to a section of the population that hardly ever gets heard. Unfortunately, I kept finding myself in all these fucked up situations where I wanted to be able to help people who desperately needed it but all I had was my pen and my journal and it didn't feel like enough. The "Vida Secreta" title is just a perspective joke, it's coming from being a white kid writing about another people's culture and problems, trying to figure out my role in it all as an outsider and remembering to laugh."