Quarantine is a 40+ page zine that contains creative non-fiction, poetry, and semi-fiction I wrote throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as a photo series I created with my companion Peter while in quarantine. In these pieces, I draw upon humour, the surreal, and hope as coping strategies for an especially challenging and strange time. I use my work to step outside of myself, imagine a better future, and be playful as a way to get through the shutdowns, the lockdowns, and the quarantines.

Filling the Void: Interviews about Quitting Drinking and Using

"When I was trying to quit drinking I felt really alone. I couldn't imagine how anyone did it. I wish I'd had a zine like this - that showed that it was possible, adn that there were all different kinds of things that could work for different people, and that it was possible, and worth it." - from back cover