people of colour

women of colour
people of color

Primarily used to describe any person who is not considered "white". In the United States, people of color include African Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islander Americans, multiracial Americans, and some Latino Americans, though members of these communities may prefer to view themselves through their cultural identities rather than color-related terminology. The term emphasizes common experiences of systemic racism, which some communities have faced. The acronym BIPOC refers to black, indigenous, and other people of color and aims to emphasize the historic oppression of black and indigenous people.

Alimente ta Resistance - Thrivin'

"A collection of stories, art and profiles from and by (mostly canadian) young women of colour who work it. This zine consists of a variety of stories, art, and profiles from and by young women of colour, which shows how growing up in the Canadian diaspora can be HARD and how we deal with it. The goal of this zine was to celebrate racialized girls and young women but you do it yourself. In your art, in your communities, in your activism, in your cooking, with your grandma, in your languages. We thrive just by living on and by moving on." Includes Girls Action Foundation.