Roberts Street Residency

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The Utopian Territory of Sub-Scotia

"In the stream of Halifax Harbour lies George's Island. With its lone lighthouse, lonelier looking house and thin grass, this tuft of earth— a glacial drumlin, in fact—we call George's Island has captured the imagination of many. Maybe you've stood on the waterfront thinking, "I'd love to just paddle over there." Artists John Matthews and Dennis Hale did just that last summer. Actually, August 7 marks the one-year anniversary of the founding of the Utopian Territory of Sub-Scotia. The explorers Matthews and Hale rowed over to the island on a raft made partly from reclaimed wood from a public art project by sculptor Warren Humeniuk." (from The Coast) "This pamphlet is provided as an aid for making a self-guided walking tour of the utopia and offers an insight into the original Sub-Scotia psychogeographic victory tour." Made during a Roberts Street residency.

Dislocations #1

"One part introspection on my relationship with places and my past, one part decision-making processing, Dislocations #1 was written in Fredericton, Jan-Feb 2012, during a somewhat lonely chapter in my life. Editing and layout was done in Montreal, 2013-2014. Finally finished in Halifax in June 2014, during an Anchor Archive Zine Library / Ink Storm / Sad Rad Collective Residency. Photocopied on the People's Photocopier."