Beasts of Burden

Beasts of Burden

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Half-page, white cover printed in black and white. Front cover has an image of a man holding a rock as though he is about to throw it. His hat says "ANARCHY" on it. The back cover just has text on it.
"This is a text which, we hope, faces in two directions. On the one hand we hope that it will be read by people interested in animal liberation who want to consider why animal exploitation exists, as well as how. On the other hand, by those who define themselves as anarchists or communists who either dismiss animal liberation altogether or personally sympathise with it but don't see how it relates to their broader political stance.

While there have always been groups and individuals with feet in both camps, for the most part discussion between those involved in animal liberation and communists has been at a derisory level. 'Debate,' in so far as it exists, consists mainly of abuse and rarely moves beyond the level of comments like 'wasn't Hitler a vegetarian (actually not - he injected 'bulls blood' into his testicles, and does this mean you can't be a communist and a house painter or an Austrian?).

We hope to prompt the beginnings of a real debate about the relationship between the 'animal question' and the 'social question'. This text does not claim to have all the answers or to be the 'communist manifesto' for animals, but we think it does pose some of the key questions. Over to you..."
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