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Raggedy Annarchy's Guide to Vegan Baking and the Universe

The cover is red card stock, with the title in bubble letters.  There is an illustration of Raggedy Ann in a kitchen, rolling out dough.
"raggedy annarchy collaborates with the muffin man to bring you over 55 all-bad-for-you vegan recipes and her own personal rants on just about everything."
"first off, i guess i need to say that this project was inspired by some of my very close friends who insisted that i leave them with copies of my recipes before i ditched this joint. since i don't really have any of my recipes written, rather, they are all in my head and pretty much made up as i go along, i knew it was gonna be a pretty sizable project getting these to them. i figured i might as well pass this stuff on to anyone else who might want it too while i'm at it. in addition, i've been really inspired lately by all the little zines being put out here and there by countless creative and discontented life-lovin' people who, whether they like it or not, i believe are one essential part of creating a lovely revolutionary movement..."

Lines in Sand

A compliation of three essays that explore identity, oppression, and social war within the anarchist movement.

"...Recognizing that we'll never all agree on anything, and this is good, I want to argue nonetheless that a needed common ground is an understanding and embrace of social war. I'm afraid that those who speak of oppression without acknowledging the war we are a part of, not as metaphor but as a real and current practice, will only succeed in turning a battlefield into a garden, decorating this cemetery of a society with flowers and accessibility ramps. I don't care to argue that one side or another is necessarily more correct, only that revolution becomes impossible not when we enter into the current historical era but when we start believing in civil society and stop noticing that the guns are pointed at us too."