queer identity

Doris #29

"Last fall I went on tour with my new book The Encyclopedia of Doris. The stories I like to read out loud are always so sad. I kep saying at every reading, "The next issue of Doris will be about how healing is possible and everything doesn't always have to hurt so bad and love is possible and sweet." This isn't exactly about that, but there are hints of it here. Each story holds a little hint." (intro) Includes instructions on how to fix a broken cassette tape and a story about organizing a Rock Camp for Girls.

The Fence: A New Place of Power for Bisexual Women #9

Mission statement: Calling bisexuals 'fencesitters' has been a way of marginalizing us, of placing us outside gay/lesbian and straight cultures by saying that we haven't made a decision about our sexuality. 'The fence' is all about bisexual women reclaiming this position and speaking from your unique viewpoints that traverse straight and gay/lesbian cultures, but also allow us to have spaces of our own. 'The fence' can be a positive and powerful place, and this zine is for the women who have decided to stay there!!