car repair

The Trusty Wrench DIY Guide to Car Repair (1st ed.)

From the distributor's website:
"This is a great starter manual for anyone that's interested in learning how to do basic maintenance on their car or truck. It covers what tools you need, and what the things are that you can do yourself. Includes a troubleshooting section to help you figure out what's wrong with your car. Covers both diesel and gas-powered vehicles."

How2 Zine

"A source for practical and inspirational DIY guides to actively pursuing more independent, self-sufficient, and empowering lifestyles." A big compilation of articles from other zines and books about how to do all kinds of different things, like make a woodstove, make envelopes, repair shoes, do magic tricks, do juggling, make puppets, make flags, make patches, do different scams, solar cooking and giving someone a G-spot orgasm.