Transitions/Be Fearless

"Welcome to transitions; m name is Fatima Shayla Pearl, I am an African American Transwoman doing time in prison like many other transwomen nationwide and possibly world wide. However, like most people there is far more to me than my being a transwoman. I'm a college graduate, and have also had the opportunity to travel both at home and abroad."

I Wanna Be Well

"I Wanna Be Well is about living on Mcdonalds during free coffee week. It's about calling your roommate to pick you up beer when you're kettled by the police, only to realise they are on the other end of the kettle. It's about throwing up outside the punk show after getting punched in the face, and revelling in it 'cause for a second there you forgot you were real. It's about running from the cops. It's about skinned knees forever. It's about your neighbour bringing you coffee when they know you don't want to get out of bed. It's just about keeping on keeping on 'cause you can't think of anything else better to do."