Jilted X

Jilted X

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Jilted X
Publication Year
Geographic Location

Montreal, Quebec

Number of Pages
Physical Description
Half-page, neon pink cover. The front cover has a printed image of two women gnawing on what seem to be organs.
A zine that is containing printed illustrations done by the members of 'Jilted X'.

"Jilted X is an experimental mall goth band and multidisciplinary performance art duo featuring Esther Splett and Tiffany Paige. We use a haunted harp, crackling synth vibrations, punishing drums beats, magical midi wands, textural samples and our own grotesque physicality as arsenal in performing a collection of lovesick songs about murder, misandry and revenge, being dumb as resistance, self-loathing as resistance and resistance as resistance. We live in fear as we incite it. We are unapologetic about our constant apologies. We seek revenge."