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Dignity Through Resistance (2007)

"The Halifax Coalition Against Poverty (HCAP) is a grass roots, direct action based organization, dedicated to political struggle against an economic system that maintains and profits from the inequality, indignity, and suffering of poverty. Our publication Dignity Through Resistance is an opportunity for HCAP to share with the broader community information about our campaigns, victories, and commentary on issues of poverty, homelessness, and resistance in the city of Halifax."

Hoax #5: Feminisms and Community

"Hoax is intended to question how you feel about feminism and different aspects of everyday life. In this fifth issue, we will be exploring the topic of community - what constitutes community? Is a community always a physical space? Is community something you choose to become a part of? What role do communities play in anti-oppressive work." Collection of short articles. Includes an introduction to the Amish community and a discussion of Slutwalk.

The Red Neck War: The Battle of Blair Mountain, West Virginia 1921

Reprint of 1981 essay, originally published in GOLDENSEAL.
"The assassination of Matewan Masscre defendants Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers in August 1921 brought the West Virginia Mine Wars to a frenzied crescendo. Outraged coal miners marched South from the Kanawha valley by the thousands..."