power relations

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One Woman's Struggle

"Greetings! my name is Kebby Warner: I am a Woman prisoner held in Michigan. This is my story of the time I have done inside the Prison Industrial Complex. Society tends to forget that as human beings, we feel pain, anger, and cry tears. They forget that we are human; they forget that we have personalities and have placed labels against us, when most of us are genuinely good people, who have chosen the wrong roads in life's journey."

Lines in Sand

A compliation of three essays that explore identity, oppression, and social war within the anarchist movement.

"...Recognizing that we'll never all agree on anything, and this is good, I want to argue nonetheless that a needed common ground is an understanding and embrace of social war. I'm afraid that those who speak of oppression without acknowledging the war we are a part of, not as metaphor but as a real and current practice, will only succeed in turning a battlefield into a garden, decorating this cemetery of a society with flowers and accessibility ramps. I don't care to argue that one side or another is necessarily more correct, only that revolution becomes impossible not when we enter into the current historical era but when we start believing in civil society and stop noticing that the guns are pointed at us too."

Movin' On From Shitty Dudes With Resilience and Humor

"Making this zine slowly and when I had the powers to, over cycles, has been an important and cathartic outlet: an imperfect practice in the release of things someone tried to put in me that isn't my own. Which is to say, a universal conundrum. This one happens to be about a shitty cis-dude ex partner."