RadStorm Moving Survey

The building that RadStorm is in will be torn down in 2018, so RadStorm is looking at moving to a new space. We made this survey to learn what people who use RadStorm would like to have in a new space. Please fill out this anonymous survey if you use RadStorm in any way.  If you have questions or further comments you can e-mail sadrad@googlegroups.com

Halifax Zine Fair 2018!

Poster for 2018 Halifax Zine Fair The Anchor Archive Zine Library is hosting the 19th annual Halifax Zine Fair on Saturday, October 20th at the Halifax North Memorial Public Library, in K'jipuktuk, Mi’kma’ki, in the unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people.

Welcome to our new website

The Anchor Archive recently got a grant to build a new website because our old website doesn't work properly anymore.  Our new website is a work in progress. You can still access our catalogue and other content on our old website while we work on moving everything over.  Want to help with our new website?  Please get in touch at zinelibrary@robertsstreet.org

Black Heart #3

"Black Heart is an independent magazine written by the dirtiest minds in literature. If you crave intelligent smut and seek to smash vapid sexual stereotypes, we are your superheroes. Our aim is to seduce, to tantalize, to titillate, but also to stroke your largest erogenous zone: your dirty mind. We don't care much for labels, but if you must place us accordingly, then these are some adjectives that have stuck: sexy, dirty, raunchy, raw, honest, porn, erotica, smut, literary, intelligent, beautiful, hot, kinky, open-minded, amusing, amorous, titillating, nude, naked, vulnerable, flawed, scarred, twisted, different."