Wanted: New home!

Wanted: New home!

Radstorm eviction notice

Radstorm, an all-ages community art and music space which houses the Anchor Archive Zine Library and Ink Storm Screen Printing Studio, has been served our eviction notice to be out by September 30th 2018. Everyone who has space in 6050/70 Almon Street is being evicted to make way for condos and a strip mall that will span the whole block.

Unfortunately it is incredibly hard to find affordable and accessible space on the Halifax peninsula for artists, musicians, and community groups. We are reaching out to the wider community for help in locating a new space. We are open to many possibilities, including sharing space with other tenants from the Almon Street building and other groups/artists. We are considering all of our options right now, from short-term to long-term leases to even buying a building. But we need some help finding a new space to call home. We've already begun the hunt but there isn't much out there.

What we are looking for:
-Minimum of 1000 sq ft (or much more so we can share space with other groups/artists)
-Physically accessible (ground floor or with elevator)
-Located on the Halifax peninsula (and ideally the North End)
-24/7 access
-Somewhere that is sound and music-friendly for occasional public all-ages alcohol-free music shows
-Budget: maximum of $18 - $20 per sq ft (per year) including utilities

We are also looking for a sympathetic real estate agent who could offer their services and advice in our long term search for permanent space.

In order to fulfill our goals for a new space, we are also going to be launching an online crowdfunding site in the upcoming weeks. Any and all donations would help cover our impending moving costs, as well as, anticipated higher rent costs of the new space. Please keep your eyes and ears peeled for our soon-to-be-released online link and shareables and when the time comes please make sure to share it with your friends and colleagues!

For the meantime we are happy to receive any donations in the form of etransfers to our email: radstormhalifax@gmail.com.

Your time and generosity is needed and appreciated in this time of transition.

If you are interested in sharing space, or if you use the Radstorm space in any way, please fill out our survey about things to prioritize when looking for new space: http://anchorarchive.org/movingsurvey

Radstorm has been at the Almon Street location for the last 4 years as the SadRad Music Collective, Inkstorm Screenprinting Studio, and the Anchor Archive Zine Library. Previously Inkstorm and the Anchor Archive were located on Roberts St in Halifax as part of the "Roberts Street Social Centre" since 2005. After 13 years of providing access to an alternative library, collective screenprinting equipment, and an all-ages music venue and practice space, this eviction is not the end! What Halifax needs is more affordable and accessible creative community spaces, not more condos! Please help us make this possible!

Email <radstormhalifax@gmail.com> to get in touch!

*Radstorm would like to acknowledge that we are occupying and seeking space on unceded Mi’kmaq territory. We recognize that the indigenous people of Mi'kma'ki never surrendered their traditional territory and resources and still hold rights and title to this land. We offer free use of our space and resources to those resisting the continued colonization of these lands*