Lickety Split #6: The Risk Issue

Lickety Split #6: The Risk Issue

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Montreal, QC
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third-page of 11x17, illustrations, photographs (black and white, and colour)
"Lickety Split is a pansexual smut zine dedicated to encouraging sex-positive expression and thought. The zine promotes collaborative art making and encourages diverse contributions to climb into bed with one another, because one sexual expression does not satisfy" [Masthead]

Publisher: Amber Goodwyn ; Curator: Kathleen KR ; Layout Director: *safe solvent TM ; Cover Design: Sherwin Tija ; Cover Printing: Jesse Purcell ; Copy Editing: Erin Ross ; Events & Promotion: Quel Damage - Episode Design ; Graphics & Publicity: Farah Kahn ; Oddcasts et plus: Nick Cabelli ; Webmaster: Sean Pajot - Label X[X] ; Printed by Payette & 


What is Risk? / By all -- Highly Fuckables list / By all -- Dirty Photobooth Pics / By all -- The Pedestal with Lamda Instabul / By LS -- Give the Customer a Choice / By Jeremy Edwards -- I'll tell you, the day GoldFish eat Popsicles / By Christina Foisy -- Annie Get Your Gun / By Ina Wood -- Talkin' Kink: Not So Hot about Vanilla / By Nora Rohman -- Sharing is Sexy / By Sarah Beall -- Risk and Prison / By The Prisoner Correspondence Project and Matt Jones -- How to Plan a Risky Photoshoot / text by Sarah Beall / and photos By Neetzie, RoByn, and Zo / layout By traingles stuart -- Untitled Photography / By Bill Pusztai -- Paris Cock Series / By Dayna McLeod -- Illustrations by NOMRYN -- Who's On Top? / By Omar Rahman -- Who's Gonna Turn Out More Screwed Up / By Eric Hanson -- how to guage yr breath in millimetre increments, one-two-three-push / By Noam and Earl -- Dangerous Ladies / Photography By Andrea Haussman / layout By Farah Kahn -- E-panel on Risk and Sexuality in Music Performance, with members of Call Me Poupee, Hot Springs, On Bodies, and Hollerado / moderated By Nick Cabelli -- ...and the powerful will know the pleasure of their own subjugation / By Jordan A., Mikiki, and the Mystery Top


ISSN 1715-2089

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