public spaces

All the places I've Shagged Snakes Mow

Art catalog. "I've always wanted to tell you this... In early 2002, in Glasgow (the 'City of Love'), 57 hearts were made from used chewing gum, (scraped up, dried-out and re-applied on the sidewalks). It was a re-arrangement of rejects into hearts, an anonymous gesture of love with no strings attached, an experiment in shaping locl myth and urban legend. The following text responds to the mystery surrounding the hearts. It was fund on blogs years after they appeared on the streets. I'm owning up."

P.H.O.N.E: Public History Oral Network Experiment

"Part public service, part political action, part therapeutic and part public art, the P.H.O.N.E Boot is a strategy to draw attention to basic communication technology. A physical structure mimicking a traditional phone booth, it provides a sheltered, semi-private, semi-public space with a free local phone line and a direct line to an answering machine."
The zine publishes written guest book entries answering the question "Are pay phones important? Why?" as well as the transcribed messages left on machines.