Guess what! We've got rights?! (Building strength in relation to the police)

This pamphlet is produced by the COBP collective (French acronym for Citizens Opposed to Police Brutality). It offers advice when confronting abusive police power. It informs of rights and proposes ways of building a positions of strength in relation to the police. It applies to the Montreal Urban Community POlice Service (MUCPS).

Refuse to be Abused (using the law to fight back)

" Project X is a group of people who work with youth to help combat racial profiling based in N.D.G. We document and take testimonials about youth and racial profiling. We also give legal workshops that help inform you about your rights when it comes to racial profiling, the Do's and don'ts of interacting with the police. We think its important to acknowledge that racial profiling is real, to be vocal about it, and to try to fight it."

Know Your Rights!

" A cop stops you while walking on the street and demands to see your identification, he says you "fit the description" of a robbery suspect. A private security guard confronts you in the parking lot of a mall and asks you to empty your pockets, You're approached by some cops outside of an all-ages show who accuse you of being inebriated, they say they have the right to search you for liquor because you are under eighteen. In a society full of rules, hierarchy and authority figures, one of more of these scenarios has probably already happened to you. Know your rights!"