Scope note
Use for zines that give instructions on how to make or do something
do it yourself

Redwire Vol.9 #2: The Do It Yourself Issue

This issue of Redwire is all about "Do It Yourself"- "If you want something done right, you gotta do it your self". Introducing relatively new ideas such as anti-colonial resistance amongst Native youth. Includes articles on sovereign living, food self-sufficiency and re occupation of traditional territory and practical ways to start " doing it ourselves" in the gradual process of decolonization and freedom.

Izzine: Fall Issue

"Purpose of Izzine: Inspire creativity and DIY projects; support/promote local and non-local artists; encourage individuality and awareness of issues that pertain to you and your community on a small and large scale." Compilation of art and writing, includes interviews with artists about their art and creative process.