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New Orleans, LA
Vanessa Adams is a queer print-maker, zine-maker and artist from New Orleans. In 2009 Vanessa helped found a collectively-run community art space, the New Orleans Community Printshop. Vanessa has been intimately involved in facilitating the growth of programming and managing operations ever since.

While in residence, Vanessa plans to finish the second issue of Other Worlds, a collaborative zine project through futuristic utopian / dystopian queer and trans comics. Vanessa will organize a zine art show centred on Queer Futures—culling from Anchor Archive’s collections. As well, Vanessa will host a workshop to create a collaborative silkscreen fortune telling art object. 


Vancouver, BC

Sorrel made a zine about his latest tour from Vancouver to Halifax with his bands Filthy Liars and Garish. Includes nice color photos and hand drawn comics, poems and stories! He also played 2 local shows with both electric & acoustic versions of his bands.

Fredericton, NB

Candace Mooers will complete and launch a personal zine called Dislocations that presents personal moments of introspection about place and times past. Dislocations is about moving from Toronto to Fredericton to Montreal and the feelings associated with migration under settler colonialism and capitalist patriarchy. The zine touches on such themes as exile, ancestry, canoe-burnings, and other journeys. Candace will also host a rhubarb canning extravaganza!

Iowa City, IA

Kalmia Strong and John Engelbrecht (aka Fluxion) will present Some Sort of Specificity. The aim of our residency is to be present, to work in and with the spaces and projects surrounding/within the Roberts Street Centre, and to explore our work back home (from a distance) as facilitators of a kindred arts space. We will do this through a variety of forms, using low-fi, non-precious, and participatory mediums. We would guess these things have to do with words and a spectrum of physical to non-physical structures; knowing us, these forms could include flags, paper things, and events.

Participatory Action Research is about the cycle of action and reflection that is so important for effective organizing and community work. As a psychogeographilosopher and lover-of-halifax, I'm so looking forward to sharing and developing participatory research processes with you through discussion, a workshop and of course a collaborative zine!

Vancouver, BC

James Gem and Nix Six Six will collaborate on postcard-sized pieces of art that focus on their relationships to anti-capitalist, queer and trans identity, and how those things interact with public spaces. They will display their art in a color zine and site-specific installations. They will also host an art making night for anyone who wants to contribute postcards to the project.

Prince Edward Island

Misleading maps manipulate public opinion in a variety of subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Reece Steinberg is creating and exhibiting a series of prints based on maps that have helped to make a Canadian oil pipeline look safe, erased Labrador, diminished the size of Africa, and committed other intentional and politically motivated inaccuracies.


Winnipeg, MB / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Hagere Selam (shimby) makes dreamy experimental films using super 8 and 16mm.

At the roberts street residency, shimby will be creating a short about trying to make sense of experiences from when she was 18 and in halifax for the first time. It will be an exploration of young adulthood, subcultures and identity intersections and will be screened with live musical accompaniment + a bake sale at the end of her three weeks at roberts street.

Prince Edward Island

Carina, the woodland elf from Byrnes Road P.E.I, will be organizing embroidery workshops/ stitch-tea parties where she will share embroidery skills and conversations with the Robert's street community. She hopes to create site-specific patchwork embroidery that reflects her experiences there and to hold a closing art show.

Brooklyn, NY
Elvis is a Brooklyn-based zinester and future librarian. In 2012, they co-organized the NYC Feminist Zinefest with Kate Angell.

Elvis is currently working on Homos in Herstory, a comics zine that focuses on 19th and 20th century queer history. Elvis is plotting to work on their 1980's edition of "Homos in Herstory" while in Halifax, and is super thrilled and excited to be there.

Montreal, QC
Rosie's photography can be found on her photo blog:

Rosie will make a zine about Halifax's DIY punk music fest, Harbour Water Fest. The zine will include photography, interviews, posters & more, chronicling the history and the development of Harbour Water Fest over the last 4 years. 

Toronto, ON
Sabrina Scott is an illustrator and designer based in Toronto. She is currently a Masters student in York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies. Her academic research focuses on intersections between spirituality (particularly Paganism and occultism), activism, and cultural production. Her illustrative work explores spiritualities, magic, folklore, flora, fauna, textures, patterns, and everything in between. She makes drawings, paintings, woodcuts, prints, and goodies for the naturalist in all of us. You can check out her colourful artwork at

Sabrina and Adam will create a collaborative zine on self-care. The zine will focus on an interdisciplinary approach, including diverse perspectives on food, magic, spirituality, fitness, and self-care.

Montreal, QC
Jesse is a puppeteer and linocut printmaker who will be expanding her skills to zine printing at the Roberts Street Residency.

After learning about the wild seaweed harvest in Maine, Jesse hopes to connect to seaweed lovers in Halifax and share what she's learned via a zine and a seaweed-themed event.

Greensboro, NC
Kennedy is a teaching artist and curator living in Greensboro, North Carolina. He makes place-based projects that experiment with social learning, queer identity, and civic play. His process is research-based and collaborative. He is currently working through education and the rise of academic capitalism by playing inside a living museum Elsewhere, and pursuing a PhD at the University of North Carolina.

Christopher Lee Kennedy will transform the Robert Street Social Center into a living mushroom collaboratory for the ID of fungi specimens, mushroom foraging adventures, and mycological print making. You're invited to join for a community mushroom hunt and free advice on how everything is connected to everything else (like a rhizome of course).

Iowa City, IA

Kelly is a librarian and will be working on a series of mini-zines focused on radical research topics, a sort of correspondence school answering the questions: why look offline? and how?