TGN Trans

Zines about the experiences of being trans, which can include transgender, transsexual, genderqueer, agender, bigender, or identifying anywhere outside of the gender binary. Zines that focus on queer identity and issues should be categorized as QUR Queer.

Transitions/Be Fearless

"Welcome to transitions; m name is Fatima Shayla Pearl, I am an African American Transwoman doing time in prison like many other transwomen nationwide and possibly world wide. However, like most people there is far more to me than my being a transwoman. I'm a college graduate, and have also had the opportunity to travel both at home and abroad."

Grrrlfag Dramazine!!!!

"This zine is for all my muthafuckin' non-binary bad bitches. For anyone who just doesn't give a fuck! For all youz hella rad and super duper cool allies. For any muthafuck who wakes up and puts on makeup! For anyone who has been hurt or abused because of how they identify or for things out of their control! For anyone who cries because they can't help it. For anyone who has made poor choiaces and felt bad about it. This zine is for you."