Local Zines

Title Author Box Category Year
Sketches: Goats & Gals (2nd edition) Alison Knott ART Art Books and Zines 2013
Sketches: Fish & Femmes (2nd edition) Alison Knott ART Art Books and Zines 2015
Free Coffee (2001) Student Union of Nova Scotias Collage of Art and Design ART Art Books and Zines 2001
Hey Judas Scott Marshall INT International Politics 2017
Defiance The Dalhousie Association Of Graduate Students In English EDU Education and School 2017
Starfish: Reflections on Mutual Aid and Collective Care Zachary Gough, Nicholle Savoie, Ardath Whynacht, Becky Aurel HLM Health - Mental
Alien Beings Laura Kenins CMN Comics - Narrative 2015
I Hold Space For You vol.1 Not Your Boys Club ACT Activism
My Pile of Paper Amanda Stevens WAC Writing and Art Compilations 2018
Why I Leave My Doors Unlocked: A Zine about Personal Practice Laura Shepherd FIC Fiction and True Stories 2018
How to Make a Lemon Meringue Pie Without Your Mom Alice Albarda, Catherine Stanley CKZ Cookzines 2018
Basic DIY Electrical Greg Gillis DIY DIY and How-to 2018
Meta-metadata: A Self-Cataloguing Zine Jakob Roberts ZIN Zines about Zines 2018
I Didn't Make This Mini-Comic for Sex or Money! William Beckerson CMN Comics - Narrative
The Orgasm Zine #2 Amanda Stevens SEX Sex 2014
Fall of the NAU Reverend Doncaster ANR Anarchism
Making Sexual Decisions Planned Parenthood Metro Clinic HLS Health - Sexual 2000
The Utopian Territory of Sub-Scotia Dennis Hale, John Matthews, Andrew McMillan HIS History 2006
Comics and Stuff! Molly McVicker CMN Comics - Narrative
Fan Alannah Journeay CMN Comics - Narrative 2018
Halt Joey Comeau FIC Fiction and True Stories
Moonhat 1400 #1 Rob Macneish, Noah Coyle, Corey Murphey, Peter Lockerbie, Tim Mitchel, Craig Currie, Dave Champion, John Mitchel, Chris Lockerbie, Ian Mathason, John Hansel, Colin Perras, Rob Kenney CMA Comics - Art
On Sisterhood, Our Sisters Specifically Emily, Kaley, Go It Alone (Together) MIN Mini-zines 2010
My Softness Is Born on a Tuesday, Avalon Moore CMA Comics - Art 2016
Stretch and Curl Avalon Moore, Born on a Tuesday CMA Comics - Art 2017